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1) Do you have intermodal trucking experience?
2) Do you have flatbed experience?
3) Are you at least 25 years old?
4) Do you have a minimum of 2 years tractor trailer driving experience?
5) Have you ever tested positive or refused to test on any previous drug or alcohol test?
6) If you are an owner operator, is your tractor more than 10 years old?
7) Have you had any excessive speeding conviction or more than 2 moving violations in the past 3 years?
8) Do you have more than 1 chargeable accident within the past 3 years?
9) Do you have any felony convictions on your record?
10) Do you have any charges pending for, or have you been, convicted of driving under the influence within the past 5 years?
11) Has your CDL been suspended at any time during the last 3 years?
12) Do you have any license or permit suspensions on your record due to Traffic Violations for any reason in the past 3 years?
13) Do you have any charges pending or have you ever been convicted for reckless operation of a motor vehicle in the past 5 years?
14) Do you have any charges pending or have you ever been convicted of possession, sale, or use of drugs in the past 5 years?
15) Were you discharged from your last employer for safety reasons?
16) Are you Eligible for Employment in the U.S.?
17) Do you read, write, & Speak English?

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Driving Experience / CMV Driver Training

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Traffic Convictions & Safety Record

List all violations of motor vehicle laws or ordinances (other than parking) of which you were convicted or forfeited bond within the last (3) years.

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List all motor vehicle accidents in which you were involved within the last (3) years.

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